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Certificates of Authenticity

Why are Lab Results Important?

CBD and hemp is everywhere these days. Whether its a grocery store, gym, or even your local convenience store you will most likely walk past some products. And while it may seem like CBD has taken over, the U.S. hemp industry is still relatively new, and unregulated by the FDA and USDA. This means that if you’re buying hemp CBD products, it’s important to do some research and understand where the products you’re buying come from. Not all hemp is created equal, and right now, one of the best ways to know that the hemp CBD products you’re purchasing are safe, pure, and high quality comes down to one thing: third-party lab results.

Right now, third-party lab testing is the thing that separates the good from the bad when it comes to CBD products. “Third-party lab testing” or “Certificate of Analysis” means that a CBD company sends their product to an independent company to ensure there are no traces of pesticides, contaminants, or THC.

Unfortunately, many companies that provide CBD products aren’t being totally honest about what is and isn’t in their product simply because they don’t have to be. Third-party testing helps hemp CBD companies ensure the quality of their products, and it provides peace of mind for consumers.

What should and shouldn’t be in CBD products

When looking through lab results, there are a few things to take note of:


  • The amount of CBD in the product. Some companies might advertise a certain amount of CBD on the label, and what’s actually in the product could be much less, or even none at all. Lab results can help you ensure that the money you’re spending on a CBD product actually contains the amount of CBD that’s advertised.
  • The amount of THC. Since THC is a component found in hemp plants, it’s normal for a very small amount of THC to be found in CBD products. That said, CBD products are not here to “get you high” like THC products, so it’s always important to ensure that the amount of THC in any CBD product is below 0.3%.